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Department of Posts, Government of India Recruitment, Kerala



Kerala, being one of the major states in India, offers various job opportunities in the postal department. Here are some of the common post office jobs available in Kerala:

1. Postman/Mail Carrier: Postmen are responsible for delivering letters, parcels, and other mail items to residential and commercial addresses within their assigned area.

2. Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant: These positions involve sorting and processing incoming and outgoing mail at post offices or mail processing centers.

3. Postal Clerk: Postal clerks handle over-the-counter services at post offices, such as selling stamps, accepting parcels and registered mail, and providing information to customers.

4. Postal Supervisor: Supervisors oversee the operations and staff at post offices or mail processing centers, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of mail services.

5. Postmaster: Postmasters are responsible for managing and operating a specific post office, overseeing staff, maintaining accounts, and ensuring adherence to postal policies and regulations.

6. Mail Guard: Mail guards are responsible for the security and safe transportation of mail items, particularly valuable or sensitive mail.

To apply for these positions, candidates typically need to meet the educational qualifications and other eligibility criteria specified by the India Post Office. The recruitment process often involves written examinations, skill tests, and interviews.

It's important to note that the Indian Postal Service is a government organization, and the recruitment process is usually conducted at the national level by the Postal Department of India. Interested candidates should regularly check the official website of the India Post and other authorized sources for job notifications and application details specific to Kerala and other regions.


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